Digesting React

Nathan Sebhastian
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Digesting React is a project-based introduction to React, the most popular JavaScript library for building reusable UI. 

You're not only going to learn about the theories, but you're actually going to put what you've learned into practice by creating React-based applications. 

After all, you're here so that you can build applications with React. The book won't waste your time by elaborating on irrelevant concepts

Inside this book, you'll learn the following:

* Build 4 web applications from scratch using React

* Understand the building blocks of React components

* Master the use of hooks and lifecycle methods

* Avoid bad practice that could break React applications

* And many more!

The following are the four projects included in the book:

* React Wizard Form

* Finance Tracker

* Github User Finder

* E-commerce UI

By finishing the book and building the projects, You'll have a strong grasp of React's fundamentals and you'll be able to tackle any React project with confidence!

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  • 230 pages of structured React knowledge from basic to experienced level

  • Format
    Digital - PDF, EPUB and MOBI
  • Code examples
    Accessible online at Code Sandbox
  • 230 pages of structured React knowledge from basic to experienced level
  • FormatDigital - PDF, EPUB and MOBI
  • Code examplesAccessible online at Code Sandbox
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Digesting React

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